There are a lot of things that make up this world.

A lot of which i find amazing and that I love.

To start it off…

I find the whole earth amazing. A planet full of life, so rich, and beautiful. The only planet currently holds life in our solar system.

I find dogs amazing. They’re such loyal companions, if treated well. And even if it was abused, just show a little love and care and you got yourself a best friend.

Cats are amazing too but I’m more of a dog person.

But turtles are my favourite! So slow, so sturdy, so… Old. Symbol of strength, patience, wisdom and the internet.

I find your eyes amazing. Even though they carry their own bags, they never fail to glimmer even in the dimmest of lights. You said to me you didn’t like them cause they contrast your nose. I agreed, I also said its because they contrast that I like you.

I find humans amazing. The Pyramids , France, Amsterdam, everywhere humans have been they’ve made an impact. How our hands are the greatest invention. They create, destroy,repair, transform and touch.


I find your hands amazing, the way they fit in my hands as if that last jigsaw piece from the puzzle. The way you let me trace your hands with my fingers as if trying to connect the lines to form a masterpiece in unnoticed gallery halls. Because being with you makes me realize how beautiful the unnoticed is.

I find it also amazing that whales… Don’t know how to fly. Cause, you see, if evolution really wanted to mess around, it would’ve let whales fly. And we wouldn’t be saying “it’s a bird, it’s a plane!” Nooo, we’d be running and screaming “SHIT. IT’S A WHAAAALE!!” But I guess humanity would’ve been wiped off the face of the, earth every time they landed.

I love it how you try to speak your mind despite having a hard time trying to find the words to express yourself. It shows you try and that you have a lot on your mind that you

But what fascinates me the most is science. Because with science, they have a thought on how to prove multiple universes. Like the marvel and dc comics. And that’s like with games. Multiple universes, multiple game copies, all played differently but with some minor details that remain the same throughout.

But with all this hype of multiverses, movies, comics, games. I really wouldn’t want to go looking for them, even though it would be awesome.

Because why would I go looking for other universes,

when i’m already with you in this one.




Malamig (adj.) – Filipino for Cold

It’s cold

Like cold fingertips dancing in the air, brushing your skin as it passes by.

We’ve all felt a little cold one time.

To nights where we were on the roof, looking at the stars that twinkle and shine above us. To the nights where heavy rain storms and nightfall as dark as your pupils. The cold that seeps in through the window sill and through the cracks of our skin all the way down to our bones, we’ve all felt the cold… one time.

We’ve all known the feeling of being cold. Whether it was you or someone else being cold.

To the times when we’ve been rejected; injected with the cold, bitter, harsh truth that they just don’t feel the same way. Our hearts beat harder but soft, our shortness of breath, the way we slightly shiver. Our knees grow weaker with every second that we stand. It was cold. With every passing moment we couldn’t stand, it was getting cold.

The thought of cold nights made only worse by the thought of you. When you would give the cold shoulder and won’t even notice me. To the times when you would intentionally act like it just because you want to. No reason for doing it, we didn’t fight, we didn’t argue, but you just do. I don’t know for what reason but you just do.

So why do we complain about the cold? When we’ve gotten used to it

So why do we complain about a cold valentines? When we’ve gotten used to it.

Towers (ii)

edsan 2

She never knew what she could do, until she did it.

She went down the seemingly never ending spiral staircase from atop her tower. She wasn’t ready but nor was she scared. She was only equipped with the clothes on her back and a new found resolve. She wanted to try and explore the world that she knew so little of. She got to the door- she stops. Unsure of what awaits her on the other side she starts having flashbacks. To moments whenever she was outside this tower of hers she only felt lost. Unconsciously, she steps back up one step, and another. With every step back up the long staircase she only thought of flying away up this flight.

Until she heard someone call her out.

Telling her they don’t mean any harm. Telling her they just want to talk. Telling her things that she finds familiar; the sound of empty promises and false hope. But off her impulse she opened the door. Only to see people she was dearly fond of. She was happy; ecstatic to say the least. That she doesn’t feel alone anymore. That during these moments, her mind was at peace. After sometime she’s finally found herself once again. Not afraid of her tower anymore.

Now she climbs this very tower in search for something new.

Towers (i)

edsan 1

She was the type of girl you’d be most fond of. The girl you have no problem talking to. She was eighteen and the A Team of your dreams; she was down for anything. So down she found herself in too deep. So deep of an abyss which shady figures have dug up for her. Left her with nothing but broken strings and shattered rings.

On some days she found herself waking up remembering kissing the neck of liquor bottles with the proof right beside her. She was fed up with having to remember these certain images, so she drowns it out with trips to the bathroom to listen to a flush every time she comes out and how her heart would follow the beat of doldrums. She wanted to escape from this reality but could only do so with more pain.

On other days she found herself locked in her tower. Under the sheets with her arms tightly wrapped around her pillow, slowly adding weight with every bitter tear that escapes her eyes. An intense wave of emotions washes over her; like tsunami tides in her eyes. She fled higher and higher til no one could reach her. Far away from the touching stares of people who could never understand her plight.

No matter how up high she went, she was grounded by what has been lost.


Just Wait It Out

They told me

as these emotions get the best of me. Filling my lungs to the brim, making it hard to breathe. Pounding my chest like the doldrums present inside my heart. My arms, heavy and cold, I can barely keep them close to me. To keep me from falling apart, I feel uneasy. Knees like pistons on double time, crunch time I can’t stop it. I’d rather not stop it.

These thoughts which eat away at my heart

That fill my stomach like I’ve never been so full in my life. A hollow cavity, painful and unnerving. Wrenching my gut from deep within I feel my lunch slowly rising. I’m sorry I had to feel this. These monsters that can hide behind sweet tender smiles and gestures of being okay. I am not.

I am not okay.

I feel sick and tired. These thoughts swallowing me, like oceanic entity i feel like drowning. It get’s harder and harder to breathe as cold sweat trickles down my face. Queasy and just about ready to puke.

I feel like drowning

Quivering and cold. I can’t breathe and I feel unsteady. So please hold on. Hold on to me. I can’t find my footing and I just want somebody to calm these tremors.

I can’t stand it; I’ll hold on.



She is amazing.

She is the hair tie that you find whenever she visits. The crumbs she leaves after eating her one sided burnt sandwich that she loves either way because that’s how she loves it. A sensitive bitterness found only once you flip someone. The underlying tone she has in her voice makes you question sound itself. The immense emancipation from the gripes and grimes of the life you question if worth living. Every breath you take feels like the first everytime it is around her. Exuding amounts of beauty she never knew. Her eyes which pierce not only souls but the hearts of men. Where in the hour of that lovely gaze, where every eye doth dwell feels like being cut open. Eviscerated emotions which has fluttered and flustered your gut. The way her heart touches everything but doesnt turn to gold but turns into stories untold. The way her hair flows down from her crown as if it was all the knowledge she has gathered from time immemorial. The mind of which whose depths ceases to be fathomable. Unrelentless in her tides she pulls you in only to spit you back out. Not even dipped a flash of flesh, you have sunken deep and breathed little. You have felt all the while she speaks you are in a trance, transported to dimensions of her words irrevokable but she lets it rip through this world you try to make sense of. Rips through you like time has rippled on.

She is the beauty you find in unnoticed gallery halls.

The beauty of embodied beauty.

She is amazing.

A Part of Your Universe


“It’s okay to be broken, because it’s through the cracks the light shines.”

Let me slip through the cracks of your heart you left unmended.
To seep through these crevices which you hide from hard stares thinking they’ll hurt you.
Let me see through the rifts which peeks little flashes of light.
Let me see what hides behind tear stained tears, to see the luminescence of bright stars.

Let me immerse in your universe.
Let me see the stars which the emptiness of space dissipates.
Let me listen to beat of your hearth.
I want to listen to the sound of your voice which exudes a thousand galaxies.
Untold stories from different sectors of the universe, stories you have never told anyone,
In fear of rejection and treatment of such.

Let me be a part of this universe. It was through the cracks I found the star.